(10 May 2013 – Boston, MA) The Boston based, rock-punk-metal crossover band Mongrel have been receiving great reviews for their recent album Reclamation and now have secured US physical distribution for the album. Reclamation (THC-Music/Vanity Music Group) is now available through US retailers via IDC Distribution on the heals of their recent UK brick & mortar distribution deal through Code7. Reclamation was recorded and mixed by Jim Foster (POD, Nullset, Sully Erna)  and has received great coverage in the UK in magazines such as Big Cheese, Vive Le Rock, Terrorizer, and Metal Hammer! In the US the album’s first single/video “Bored to Death” ( hit number 41 on the CMJ Radio Charts and has received play on Faction/Sirius XM,  Mood network (formerly DMX), and stations such as WAAF, KNAC, and WSOU.

Mongrel is about to begin filming a video for the song “C & 1/2” which is expected to premier sometime in June. Further info about the video has not yet been released. Mongrel recently announced the addition of new bassist Michael Ariza who joined singer Jessica Sierra, guitarist Adam Savage, and drummer Mike Hogan back in March. Reclamation was first released to digital outlets such as iTunes/Amazon in the US on 25 September 2012 by THC-Music (home of American Head Charge, Oedipus, Attika7, etc).