With ‘Voices,’ Red Tide Rising’s new release, out today through Vanity Music Group, the Denver based quartet have set the bar higher than they could have imagined. Produced and co-written by Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce (aside from first single, “You’re Nothing …,” which was co-written with Luce and Ill Nino guitarist, Ahrue Luster), the veteran sticksman found talent within the band members they never realized they possessed and, more importantly pulled it out of them.

“Aside from our run with In This Moment a little while back, our first taste at unrelenting touring was with Drowning Pool,” relates Red Tide Rising guitarist, Andrew Whiteman. “We shared the bus and formed some of the best friendships out on the road. To this day I actually tech for them when I’m not doing Red Tide Rising stuff. It’s because of that run and that friendship, that Luce decided he wanted to produce ‘Voices.'”

‘Voices’ is fueled by rage, the realities of life and the ugliness of the world we live in. Opening track, “Writing on the Wall” is about making sure you don’t allow yourself to be held down by your past. “You’re Nothing” is dedicated to the asshole who repeatedly tells you how great his life is, all the while living a complete facade. With “Suffocate” lead vocalist, Matthew Whiteman touches on the different types of addiction we all carry with us through life, whether they come from the pursuit of material possessions, giving into to drug culture or whatever one may be attached to. “Sound of the Voices Screaming” gives an audience the power to rise as one, while the Ep’s closer, “New Breed” instructs the band’s fans to distance themselves from people who claim to have their best interests at heart while leading them down a road that will eventually lead them to a life of peril. A call to arms for people to stand up for themselves.

Red Tide Rising also hits the road in support of the ‘Voices’ release beginning next week. The first leg of the tour is as follows:

5/18 – Dallas, TX – Renos
5/20 – Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Theater
5/21 – Spearfish, SD – Z Bar
5/26 – Joliet, IL – The Tree
5/27 – Janesville, WI – Backbar
5/28 – Fargo, ND – Rick’s
5/29 – Sioux Falls, SD – The Phoenix Lounge

‘Voices’ is available via iTunes, eMusic, Google Play and available for preview on Spotify.