Seattle based modern rock artist Cole Childers has released his debut Ep, Aurora, via Vanity Digital Music and it can now be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and other digital download sites. Aurora can also be streamed at Spotify and similar services.

Childers entered the United States Navy in 2000 and his experiences in the armed forces added to the mix of Cole’s creative genius, bringing to life a brand of music that’s dark, fleeting and emotional.  Upon returning from a six month deployment in 2006 he formed the band Chasing Corona, releasing the critically acclaimed album, ‘Black Eye and Candlelight’ and opening dates for the likes of Motley Crue, Joan Jett and others.

Aurora kicks off with the hard hitting modern rock track, “Save Me,” (“about someone who has been there for everyone around them, but the entire time they were the ones that needed help,” says Childers),and then slams right into the first single “Fall With Me,” the video of which is shot from a soldier’s point of view.  “This video was very important to me,” relates Cole.  “So many people read military death tolls in the paper and have a standard reaction without true feeling behind it.  We did this video in order to cut to the core of the viewer so they may understand the true sacrifice that military and their families make everyday.”  The Linkin Park infused “Addict” follows. The song doesn’t necessarily reference drug addiction, rather anything that controls someone physically and mentally in a negative fashion.  “Being high without a drug is referring to finding true happiness and overcoming the crutch,” says the singer / guitarist. The breakneck juggernaut of “Run Away,” then crashes through and “could be the most meaningful song to me,” says Cole. “It signifies the father – daughter relationship in a broken marriage.  Giving assurance to the child that I will be your rock and can always be counted on,”  Featuring a hook as wide as the Pacific Ocean, “Impossible,” touches on the struggle of trying to break through to your significant other during the dying phase of your relationship. The Ep’s title track, “Aurora” finishes off the record with a more acoustic oriented approach than the rest of the songs on offer and tells a story of a girl cheating on her boyfriend. While she’s torn apart by guilt and not knowing what lies down the road, he just moves on with life, having few cares in the world … sort of an about face on life.

Leaving the military has allowed Cole to take a different perspective on life and has given him more flexibility to grow as a musician.  He sums it all up: “I was able to move back to where it all began, with new purpose and clear direction.


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