When Las Vegas’ top alternative rock ack WICKED GARDEN released the video for their new single, “Ask Me If I Care” and premiered it through Brutal Planet the pitch included a quote from frontman and the song’s songwriter Dominick Muzio, in which he stated, “It was written as a tribute to Pat Dinizio of the Smithereens. I was huge fan and the day he passed I wanted to find a way to pay my respects for his influence. The song follows his structures, with a catchy, big hook. The solo was styled in the jangly, open note riffs The Smithereens used.”

As fate would have it, the members of The Smithereens found the video and the quote and posted a note on WICKED GARDEN’S Facebook page, which read:  [The Smithereens] “Hi, we read you wrote it as a tribute to our late lead singer, Pat DINizio. All of us at The Smithereens HQ are touched and honored by the gesture. This is a bittersweet time in our history. On October 26th, The Smithereens are getting inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame and January of 2020 marks our 40th continuous year as a band. We’ve all been friends and bandmates for nearly 4 decades and have decided to continue on our shared musical legacy with guest lead vocalists, including our friend Marshall Crenshaw and Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms. Please post the song on our main FB or FB Fan page! See you on the road! (Admin.)”

The video for “Ask Me If I Care” can be seen here: