Cole Childers was a recent guest of Brian Lush on the Rockwired Radio and Magazine Show. You can listen to the interview here.


Denver metal merchants Red Tide Rising have added new bass player, Michael LaBois to their lineup after meeting with several potential applicants.  LaBois, a veteran of the Denver metal scene joins the band just in time to appear in their new video for “The Otherside” taken from the band’s recent The Rising album and says, LaBois says, “I think that Red Tide Rising is the right place for me right now. I enjoy the feeling of being on Stage with these three guys.  It’s been an instant bond.”

Guitarist, Andrew Whiteman, adds, “We are all super excited to have Michael join us in Red Tide! He is a passionate and skilled player that has already brought a lot of energy and excitement to the band. He is a great guy and we’ve had a blast with him in just the short time he has been with us!”

Red Tide Rising’s The Rising is currently in stores in North America now and they are currently building dates for late summer, including:

Aug 22 – Albuquerque, NM – Malarkey’s
Aug 23 – Dallas, TX – Curtain
Sept 5 – Denver, CO – Marquis (supporting Nothing More)


Leap Dog Music and Vanity Music Group are proud to announce that on the heels of his successful ‘Southern Paradise’ release, John Taglieri is set to release his new Ep, Days Like These on 19 August 2014. The date is also Taglieri’s birthday and the title track symbolizes what the Ep is all about.

“Coming off of how great ‘Southern Paradise’ did, having my first baby, hitting Billboard, & charting overseas, I just cannot believe how blessed and lucky I am with my career.” said Taglieri. “I have an amazing fan base and they just keep me going. And Days Like These is exactly what life is about for me right now.”

For his twelfth effort, Taglieri wanted to pull out all the stops and make music that truly represents who he is and where his career is right now. “15 years ago I released my first CD, ‘Leap Of Faith’ which is exactly what it was.”…says Taglieri. “To be here 15 years and 12 releases later and to be as blessed as I am in my career really shows what my ‘Days Like These’ is. I get to do what I love everyday and I can’t ask for more than that.” Enlisting the help of some friends – both old and new – John worked with several writers and a true A-List crew of musicians to craft six songs that reflect on life and all the amazing things that have happened in it for him as of late.

For the Days Like These release, Taglieri recruited Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seger, etc), Alan Jax Bowers (Parrot Bay, Rachel Allyn) , Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, etc), Lee Turner (Darius Rucker, Sara Evans, Big and Rich), Eric Ragno (Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Billy Gibbons, etc), Joe Gilder, Greg Juliano (Juliano Brothers), Chad Cunningham and Keith Lubrant (whose music you have heard on TV shows such as Real Housewives of Miami, Beavis and Butthead, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Young and the Restless and dozens more). “Its been SO cool to have my friends help me make this EP. Keith and I go back 15 years and started out together. Eric and I grew up together and its like life coming full circle. Its also amazing to me to be able to have some of my idols like Kenny Aronoff and Rich Redmond on this release. Its been very surreal to be working with them and really part of what my ‘Days Like These’ is about.”

Days Like These releases on 19 August and the Ep will be preceded by the release of the “Days Like These” single on 29 July.

Please check out the promo video at


Veteran pop/rock artist John Taglieri has released a five and a half minute long video sampler for his upcoming Ep, Days Like These, due 19 August 2014.

Comprised of six songs, the Ep features some very special guests (to be revealed soon) and brings Taglieri full circle to where he began his solo path as a musical artist.  “Days Like These is exactly what my life is about right now. Becoming a dad, finding a great balance in life, and being happier with my life and career than I’ve ever been.” said Taglieri. “Each song on this Ep is about life…the ups (“Days Like These”, “Here For The Taking”, “Beautiful Tonight”, “Finish Line”) and the downs (“Thin Air”, “Toasting The Man In The Moon”). Its about balance, which is key to everything in life. I think it’s a fun EP and I had the most amazing time making it.”

The video can be viewed here


Seattle based modern rock artist Cole Childers has released his debut Ep, Aurora, via Vanity Digital Music and it can now be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and other digital download sites. Aurora can also be streamed at Spotify and similar services.

Childers entered the United States Navy in 2000 and his experiences in the armed forces added to the mix of Cole’s creative genius, bringing to life a brand of music that’s dark, fleeting and emotional.  Upon returning from a six month deployment in 2006 he formed the band Chasing Corona, releasing the critically acclaimed album, ‘Black Eye and Candlelight’ and opening dates for the likes of Motley Crue, Joan Jett and others.

Aurora kicks off with the hard hitting modern rock track, “Save Me,” (“about someone who has been there for everyone around them, but the entire time they were the ones that needed help,” says Childers),and then slams right into the first single “Fall With Me,” the video of which is shot from a soldier’s point of view.  “This video was very important to me,” relates Cole.  “So many people read military death tolls in the paper and have a standard reaction without true feeling behind it.  We did this video in order to cut to the core of the viewer so they may understand the true sacrifice that military and their families make everyday.”  The Linkin Park infused “Addict” follows. The song doesn’t necessarily reference drug addiction, rather anything that controls someone physically and mentally in a negative fashion.  “Being high without a drug is referring to finding true happiness and overcoming the crutch,” says the singer / guitarist. The breakneck juggernaut of “Run Away,” then crashes through and “could be the most meaningful song to me,” says Cole. “It signifies the father – daughter relationship in a broken marriage.  Giving assurance to the child that I will be your rock and can always be counted on,”  Featuring a hook as wide as the Pacific Ocean, “Impossible,” touches on the struggle of trying to break through to your significant other during the dying phase of your relationship. The Ep’s title track, “Aurora” finishes off the record with a more acoustic oriented approach than the rest of the songs on offer and tells a story of a girl cheating on her boyfriend. While she’s torn apart by guilt and not knowing what lies down the road, he just moves on with life, having few cares in the world … sort of an about face on life.

Leaving the military has allowed Cole to take a different perspective on life and has given him more flexibility to grow as a musician.  He sums it all up: “I was able to move back to where it all began, with new purpose and clear direction.


on iTunes:

on Spotify:


AD and Ryan are sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City dishing out another episode of LIFERS. This time they talk about their first bands, how they got it together, and the inevitable first gig. Hilarity ensues as these two lifetime musicians recount the first few pivotal steps. Listen in here


What rockstar did their friend Mikey impersonate to swiftly get through security at a New York airport? Which band’s music warrants a phone call to child protective services? What band did a teenage AD get high with in the 70s? Hear the results of Ryan and AD’s first ever “band off”. Hear Ryan make an obvious Freudian slip.It’s all right here


Denver metal band Red Tide Rising have launched their all new website with updated graphics, media and content.  Check it out by clicking here


Vanity Digital artist Cole Childers spent about 20 minutes on the phone with the always entertaining Malice Cooper.  Audio here


In our most emotionally charged episdoe to date the topics include drug addiction, mental illness, satan, organized religion, double murder and the horror of male pattern baldness. You will also find out what rock icon AD held hands with and what band Ryan despises. All this and the usual reckless banter right here


What album did Ryan lose by leaving it on the hood of his car and driving away from Shabby? Have you ever slipped someone five? How does AD compare Tchaikovsky to Skynryd? Why put potatoes in your pants? What rock star snorted all of AD’s coke in the 80′s? All this and the usual reckless banter here


The Irish mob known as Dirty Diamonds will release their debut full length effort, Let’s Get Loud in the UK via Vanity Music Group on 5 May 2014. A heart pounding twelve song affair of melodic hard rock fury meant to take your head off, the album is the band’s followup to their ‘Leaving Town’ Ep in 2013.

Let’s Get Loud encompasses everything Dirty Diamonds love about rock and metal music. “We decided from the get go that it should be something that is reflective of all our influences,” states Jonathan. Songs such as “Want You to Want Me” and “Wakin’ Up the Neighbourhood” are reminiscent of Def Leppard and then you have tracks like “Crash & Burn” and “Against the Grain” which stray much further into the heavier territories of Pantera and Megadeth and “Paradise & Tropicana” features Foo Fighters and Journey as influences. “It wasn’t that we were trying to please everybody it was more like there is so much more to Rock n Roll as a genre than just pedal to the metal straight ahead rock all the time and we are big fans of the genre.”

The band is accompanying the release with the following dates:

2 May – Dumfries – The Venue
3 May – Dumfermine – Monty’s Bar
4 May – Glasgow – 13th Note Cafe
5 May – Edinburgh – Bannermans
6 May – Sunderland – The Corner Flag
7 May – Newcastle – Dog & Parrot
8 May – Manchester – Grand Central
10 May – Nottingham – The Salutation Inn


What is “Golden Earring Syndrome”. What famous band did AD’s Monarch beat in a battle of the bands? What story ends with “Laddie, get offa Phil Lynott”. Who is the greatest rock star of all time? Hint, it’s not Segovia. Check it all out here


With 2014 already looking set to eclipse 2013, John Taglieri’s most successful year to date, the Massachusetts based singer / songwriter figured he would celebrate by givings fans, old and future a free gift.

For the next week, music fans are invited to grab Taglieri’s newest single, “When I Think About” from one stop entertainment outlet, Shakefire by going here. “I’m really excited to have people hear this song and give it to them for free!” says Taglieri. “When I Think About” is a fun upbeat song about life and how you spend it with people and all the memories that can create. How a single moment can make you think of a person and an event and make you smile and feel like you’re there all over again!”

Never one for free time, John has been hard at work, preparing his newest release. Set for a late summer release Taglieri has enlisted A-List players such as Kenny Aronoff, Rich Redmond, Alan Jax Bowers, Lee Turner, Eric Ragno, Greg Juliano, Joe Gilder and more to play on the release. “Reaching out to some of my idols and having them say yes to playing on my EP is beyond cool for me” revealed Taglieri. “Im excited at the level of talent and energy that they are bringing to the songs. We are crafting a fun upbeat Ep that’s gonna make ya smile!”


Crash Street Kids singer / guitarist Ryan McKay and drummer A.D. Adams have started hosting a new podcast based on the vinyl albums they own called ‘The Shabby Road Record Show: Drop Your Needle!’

The pilot and first full episode can be found here




Yesterday, Lenny Cersozie from The Infinite Staircase  had the pleasure of speaking with the crew from Baltimore area magazine and radio show,  Mid Atlantic Rock Reviews.  You can check out the audio here.


1780877_10202736856878521_760267918_nJason Merito: May 20,1970 – March 2, 2014

To say that writing this tribute is weird and awkward is a bit of an understatement. Only partially because the person that it’s being written about is the person who proofread the previous tributes to Steve Harris of Shy and Michael Sunden and made a few suggestions and improvements to each one. And now, Jason is the one I’m writing about. It’s just after 1:00am CST right now, which is the time he and I held most of our “pow wows” about our artists. Not going to lie, this is really difficult. In fact I’ve written and rewritten this three times now – the last rewrite was actually about 5 pages long. Noone wants to read that much about anyone …I met Jason Merito at a Lillian Axe reunion show at The Galaxy Club in Dallas, TX back in 1999 when we were both working in different capacities for the band. We were introduced after the show by Lillian Axe guitarist Steve Blaze and you could just tell the guy was this huge ball of fire, a jolt of pure energy that was barely containable. And it was infectious. Incredibly infectious. He dragged me out to the streets of Deep Ellum that night with the members of Dallas heavy hitters Big Iron and no sleep was had for at least another 24 hours. He and I exchanged numbers and said we’d keep in touch, adding each other as friends on AOL and whatever other outlets existed back then and we would chat for hours on end about obscure 80’s hard rock bands and brand new bands we had just discovered. This practice would continue literally up until the night before he went into the hospital.

At the time he was working for Proper Distribution and he had the opportunity to work with bands like Iron Maiden, Cheap Trick, Front 242, Bruce Dickinson (solo), Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens and other great artists while there. We would send each other boxes of CD’s that we were working … In 2002, when I was basically a one person operation he asked if he could do anything to help and thus began our working relationship. in 2006 we put together the foundation for a new company called Head First Entertainment and to make a long, boring story short, we worked together up until his passing. He also worked for Hot Topic and for Glazer’s Beverage Distribution during this time. A busy, busy guy but I never heard him complain. If I needed him to make a certain number of calls that day you could safely bet that I would have a report from him the very next morning. That is, after he worked all night at the beverage company.

Jason’s life revolved around music. He lived it, breathed it, consumed himself with it. Everytime I spoke to him it seemed he was excited about a show coming up, whether it was a week away or a month out, the excitement was pretty much the same. And it wasn’t always just national touring acts, he had his fair share of favourite local and regional artists, as well and he bought tickets to their shows, although he could get on a list pretty much anytime. He did that to support the bands, because that’s the way he was. Every now and then I’d call him and say, “Hey man, I got you on the (WHATEVER BAND) list and his reaction was always something like, “whoa, really?!?!?! SWEEEEEET!!!!” It was kind of funny to hear him get all giddy like that. Sort of like a little kid at Christmas. He wasn’t ONLY into hard rock and metal bands, either. We’d be talking about business or the newest Butch Walker album (he was INSANE for Butch) and suddenly he’s switching things up out of the blue and we’re singing the praises of Andy Kim, ABBA, The Bee Gees or The Sylvers or something. He was an across the board music fan and that’s one thing that set him apart from a lot of people. Good music is good music, there were no genre specific limitations.

He came to Phoenix a few months back and we went to dinner with him and his wonderful girlfriend Ann and hung out for a bit. It was way too short of a visit but we just figured we’d see him again in the not too distant future … And now we’ll never have that chance …

Jason Merito was one of those rare people who did things for all the right reasons. He was the most happy go lucky person you’d ever meet and he was fiercely loyal to family and friends, deeply spiritual, had a knack for making friends instantly, whether in person or on social media platforms. He was everyone’s best friend it seems and that was a title he wore with honour. He even knew which of my dogs was nearby from the sound of their bark. Random, I know, but it’s true.

Jason Merito’s passing was completely unexpected and heartbreaking for so many people. He loved everyone and we all loved him, This is quite apparent as you can read in the quotes I managed to get from some of his closest friends:



BobJovi (deepellumradio)
Jason was a great friend.  If he knew I was in trouble or feeling down he would always give me a call to assure me that everything would be ok. When I was going through my divorce we went to lunch and told me this was not your decision so go on with your life and be happy. Just recently Jason asked me to go with him to the Butch Walker documentary and that will be something I will always cherish. These are just a few examples of a bond u don’t get these days!!

John Inman (Former guitarist for Dallas band No Respect)
Jason was a beautiful, compassionate, humble, and loving soul. We shared many days out in the work force, as well as musical adventures. Always a great sense of humor, as well as pure genuinism that was very unique.

Dean Schachtel (Product Manager, UDR Music USA)
Though I only knew Jason from Facebook, I considered him to be a good friend! We shared a mutual love for the Dallas Cowboys, Metal and cheesy 70’s music! I always liked reaching his posts about music. Jason was just an all round great guy and very well liked by many! My thoughts, love and prayers go out to his family and friends!

Patrick Kennison (Lead vocalist, guitarist for Heaven Below)
Jason was the kind of person you could hang with after the show and feel comfortable and open about any topic of discussion. He was cut from the same mold as people like Dimebag Darrell. I immediately let my guard down as soon as I met him. He made me feel like family whenever we spoke.

Andrew Paul (Lead vocalist, Scream Arena)
A man of class and integrity, A man of music.

Brentt Arcement (drummer, The New Black 7)
On behalf of myself and the band, we are truly saddened by this news. Although we only knew Jason for a short time, we knew the passion and love he had for music. I myself had a few long conversations with him about music and the music business. I also knew he was an aspiring song writer and had sent me over some lyric ideas he had been working on and wanted my thoughts on it. Truly a great guy and he will be missed. (Brentt, Jason, Tory and Scooter)

Rico Gtz (drummer, Junk, Generator)
My wife and I were truly saddened by the loss of our friend Jason Merito, he was one of, if not the biggest, DFW music supporter we have known. His knowledge, love and devotion will be greatly missed!!!

Charlie Bagarozza  (President, Constant Motion Entertainment)
Jason and I go way back over 20 years when we used to be tape trading pals. We met via Goldmine Magazine in the classifieds. Jason is a true music lover and does it for all the right reasons. We need more Jason’s in the industry. Then maybe it would be more enjoyable and fun to try to earn a living. I’m going to miss him but at least I can say I’ve know him.

Steve Blaze (guitarist, Lillian Axe)
Jason Merito will be sadly missed. He was that constant happy face that would always greet you at every show in Houston or Dallas. He was the constant uplifting smile, the true fan, and the person you were glad to see when you came to town. He believed in music and its limitless power. I always felt so happy to see him in the crowd, smiling and letting me know how much our music meant to him. Whenever we were in the area, we just expected to see him. He was a part of the fabric, woven into the essence of the music and the scene. It wont be the same without him there. He was going to be working with us in April at the 2 Texas shows, and I was really looking forward to seeing him. To his family, please know he was a jewel of a human being, and brought me a ray of sunshine many times over the years. Jason my friend, I know you’re looking down smiling with that grin, seeing how many lives you touched. Keep a warm spot for us, and we’ll see you someday.

Michael Pierce (Lead vocalist ES3, Black Symphony)
Jason was the consummate friend and lover of life and music. I’ve met many people over the years performing concerts, but it’s not often that you get to build tangible friendships like the one Jason, my ES3 band mates and myself had. I always knew we were going to have a great show when we play Dallas, but know that we would get to hang with Jason and his crew, which we all became friends with as well, was the highlight of our travels. Jason whole-heartedly love music and made every effort to share what he loved with his friends. Not to get bodies in a club, but to show them, hey, I dig these guys and I want you to see why I dig them. That was awesome! In reflection of our past conversations, I can’t recall of a single time of Jason complaining about anything. I know there were tough times in his life, but he hit those situations head on. He always showed the utmost optimism. I know he loved a lot bands, but I always looked forward to seeing him when we would meet up at a Butch Walker show in the Dallas area. I’m sure the next BW show will be a bit awkward. But I thank God for giving us such an awesome friend to learn from and be more like. Thanks Jason for being an awesome friend. Your contagious smile and presence will be greatly missed. Love you Brother, PIERCE.

Dan Lehmann (vocalist Big Iron)
Jason was a beautiful person. A good natured guy with a positive spirit. Was passionate about music and being part of the local scene.

Alapeno Ward (guitarist, Hellgoat / Black Summer Rain, ex Big Iron)
I’ve known Jason for quite awhile. One of the biggest Fans of music, I’ve ever seen! Always there to give you support, whether it was music related or just needing a Friend to talk to. You will be missed my Friend… R.I.P.

Big Mike Rios (Red Blood Club, independent Dallas agent)
I first met Jason in the late 90s. He was always out supporting the scene. The Dallas Music Scene has lost one of its greatest supporters. R.I.P. my friend.

Billy Bogges (ES3)
When ES3 started playing the Dallas circuit, Jason was one of the first people that I became acquainted with. Since that time, we became great friends and he always supported me in all of my projects. Not only have I lost a great friend, the Dallas music scene has lost an icon. He will truly be missed.

Justin Elliot (Vocalist / guitarist, The Valentine Failures)
Jason had a huge love of music, specifically rock and metal. When I first started frequenting the club scene as a teenager, I remember thinking “this guy is always here.” He loved the scene and just being around music. He started hanging around TVF when we started up and pulled me to the side and said, “I want to be apart this. You guys have a great thing going here, and I want to ride it to the top with you.” This is how he became our “Mr. Do It All”. He was incredible. Above anything else Mex had the biggest heart for people. Anyone he called a friend could count on him to always be there. Just a great guy. I love him, and am going to miss him terribly.

Wayne 15 (drums, The Valentine Failures)
It’s hard to sum up so many memories and such a great life in a quote so I won’t try. I will say that I’ll miss his quiet wit, level headedness, and the calm cool way he always seemed to have in adversity. Most of all I’ll miss the talks. God knows how many hours we spent discussing with passion bands and albums only a handful of people know exist. Those conversations created a strong bond and over time those music discussions turned into life discussions and he always had a way to put you at ease no matter what you were going through. That’s what a good friend does and that’s one of the many things I’ll miss the most and I know that’s one of the reasons he touched so many people. We live in a world that’s fake and Mex was as real and genuine as they come. R.I.P Brother.

Robert Miguel (deepellumradio, former KEGL Radio personality)
Jason was an irreplaceable part of the Dallas rock scene: a capable musician and a world-class fan. An excellent example of how we all should live: generous & caring, always there with a kind word, but capable of valuable constructive criticism. He supported whole-heartedly anything he loved. I will miss his passion for music and life. I will miss his smiling face. But most of all I will miss the soft strength and peace in his voice. When I get to rock n’ roll heaven I expect to find Merito rocking on the main stage. And if he isn’t…I know he’ll be right up front smashed against the barricade with fists held high. R.I.P., Jason. I love you, man.

Darrin DeLatte (Guitarist, Lowside, ex-bassist, Lillian Axe)
Jason, we thank you for being a brother, friend and a fan. You were definitely a “true believer” and greatly appreciated!  We will always remember you and you will live in our hearts forever until we meet again.

Ron Taylor (lead vocalist, Lowside, ex Lillian Axe)
Heaven has a new music lover today and I’m sure Jason is hanging out with the likes of Dime, Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, John Bonham, Layne Staley, Bon Scott, Cliff Burton, Steve Clark and countless other musicians, looking down on us, thinking, “you guys down there don’t know what you’re missing”. Jason was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. He always had a smile on his face and just seemed to bring such a good vibe with him every time he walked into a room. It was always a pleasure having him around. Jason had a love and a passion for music far beyond most people I know. It was music that moved him, was in every fabric of his being and made him who he was. He loved the songs, the artwork, the liner notes, the b-sides, the singles, the unreleased tracks that no one else had. He loved the posters, t-shirts, rock clothing gear and wore it all with pride. Jason was Rock n Roll thru and thru! He loved the people of the music community which loved him back just as much, if not more. He loved the fans and friends at shows, the bartenders, the bouncers and yes, even the promoters and agents. Anyone who was part of the gig, was part of his family. He loved the artists and wanted to know them, wanted to know what made them tick, where they came up with songs, lyrics, concepts and most of all, he wanted to know “how can I help”? Jason has supported my bands for as long as I can remember and would always go above and beyond to help us out. I know he helped countless other musicians too, whether it was just telling them how much he loved their show or music, helping move gear, sell merch or just standing in the front row, rocking out. He loved being part of the music business and was always telling me about a band he was into, saying “you gotta check these guys out”! He was also always formulating a master plan to get our band out to the masses so everyone could see us play and hear our music, saying “you guys should be HUGE”! The last conversation I had with him was at our rehearsal when he came by to get some posters to take up to the club we were about to play. I took the time to walk away from rehearsing to talk to him about his band and the fact that he had started singing. This time it was me who had the master plan so I was telling him that I wanted to work with him and wanted to help make him a badass singer. He had the biggest smile on his face. I walked him out the door, said goodbye, locked the door and he was gone. Jason was genuine, a one of a kind, and people like him don’t just walk into your life every day. I feel blessed to have known him and especially honored to have been high on his list of favorite musicians. Jason, we had some great times and I know this isn’t the end. We’ll all join you one day and have ourselves one heck of a super music festival in Heaven. Much Love!


RIP Jason Merito: May 20,1970 – March 2, 2014
We Love You.

– Dave Tedder (Head First Entertainment/ Vanity Music Group)


With his eleventh release, Southern Paradise, Boston based singer / songwriter John Taglieri has hit the Billboard charts. Fueled by his residency at Irish Kevins in Key West, FL, where he performs every other month, the combination of Taglieri’s electrifying stage show and the benefit of a new crowd every day, as well as his constant touring schedule around the Eastern US, has pushed John’s sales to #134 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart. With a solid combination of live and online sales, the CD has established itself as one to be noticed.

“I’m so truly excited to have finally hit the Billboard charts!” said Taglieri. “We’ve worked really hard for a long time to make a career to be proud of and it’s nice to see that things are still moving in such a positive direction. I have an amazing fan base and they just keep me going.”
Combined with winning Rockwired Radio’s’s ‘Best Recording Of The Year 2013 (Ep)’ (announced 1/27), as well as currently sitting at #1 on ReverbNation for the Boston Area, and charting on Hit-Tracks Top 100 Charts in The Netherlands at #61, 2014 has started off with a bang for Taglieri. Southern Paradise also charted at #5 on’s Hot New Releases with the single for ‘Southern Paradise’ also hitting #13 on The video for the single also has nearly 5000 views on YouTube.
Southern Paradise was released in the Spring of 2013 via Leap Dog Music / Vanity Music Group and has broken new ground for Taglieri in the pop and country genres. “I worked with producers Sean Mormelo and Mark Cohn out of Nashville for this release and we naturally gravitated to a more pop/country vibe. It was a very comfortable place song wise and style wise for me. I’ve always sort of been on that line of rock & pop country and we just wrote some great songs in that vein”…said Taglieri. 
You can view the video for “Southern Paradise” at the following link…



Video of the studio setup here: