Red Tide Rising kicks their ‘Voices’ Tour off tonight in Colorado Springs, CO. You can watch them from your computer anywhere in the world! Right here.


The Mid Atlantic region’s best kept secret, The Fifth, has unleashed their first new music in over seven years today with “No Going Home,” the lead single from their upcoming, as yet untitled Ep.

Regarding the single, singer Roy Cathey says, “This song is a departure from anything we have released before. It has a very organic sound like Sabbath or Zeppelin – gritty, raw and a bit bluesy,” while guitarist, Icky Jim comments on the video itself: “We were very fortunate to get Justin Reich (Five Finger Death Punch, Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley, Black Label Society) for the video. He actually took a short break from working with Shinedown to do us. Justin’s a laid back, cool dude – so easy to work with. And he did an amazing job on the video. We couldn’t be happier.”

The quintet, who blasted out of the eastern North Carolina area in 2001, releasing three albums and an Ep along the way and hitting radio hard with their hit single, “The Gift” as well as storming Japan in 2009 have laid low since coming back from that tour. Cathey explains, “The past few years we have had some member changes looking for the right combination of players and personalities. We feel like we have the right group of people in the band to take this to the next level now. I couldn’t be more excited.”

“No Going Home” can be purchased on iTunes and previewed on Spotify.


With ‘Voices,’ Red Tide Rising’s new release, out today through Vanity Music Group, the Denver based quartet have set the bar higher than they could have imagined. Produced and co-written by Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce (aside from first single, “You’re Nothing …,” which was co-written with Luce and Ill Nino guitarist, Ahrue Luster), the veteran sticksman found talent within the band members they never realized they possessed and, more importantly pulled it out of them.

“Aside from our run with In This Moment a little while back, our first taste at unrelenting touring was with Drowning Pool,” relates Red Tide Rising guitarist, Andrew Whiteman. “We shared the bus and formed some of the best friendships out on the road. To this day I actually tech for them when I’m not doing Red Tide Rising stuff. It’s because of that run and that friendship, that Luce decided he wanted to produce ‘Voices.'”

‘Voices’ is fueled by rage, the realities of life and the ugliness of the world we live in. Opening track, “Writing on the Wall” is about making sure you don’t allow yourself to be held down by your past. “You’re Nothing” is dedicated to the asshole who repeatedly tells you how great his life is, all the while living a complete facade. With “Suffocate” lead vocalist, Matthew Whiteman touches on the different types of addiction we all carry with us through life, whether they come from the pursuit of material possessions, giving into to drug culture or whatever one may be attached to. “Sound of the Voices Screaming” gives an audience the power to rise as one, while the Ep’s closer, “New Breed” instructs the band’s fans to distance themselves from people who claim to have their best interests at heart while leading them down a road that will eventually lead them to a life of peril. A call to arms for people to stand up for themselves.

Red Tide Rising also hits the road in support of the ‘Voices’ release beginning next week. The first leg of the tour is as follows:

5/18 – Dallas, TX – Renos
5/20 – Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Theater
5/21 – Spearfish, SD – Z Bar
5/26 – Joliet, IL – The Tree
5/27 – Janesville, WI – Backbar
5/28 – Fargo, ND – Rick’s
5/29 – Sioux Falls, SD – The Phoenix Lounge

‘Voices’ is available via iTunes, eMusic, Google Play and available for preview on Spotify.



Go right here and click on Red Tide Rising – ‘Voices’ and vote once an hour, every hour!


Transatlantic progression metal conglomerate Zierler, featuring members of Beyond TwilightFates WarningScar Symmetry, and Circus Maximus, have released a lyric video for the song “No Chorus”, the first single off the band’s long awaited debut album, ESC, out 16 October via U.S.-based Vanity Music Group.  The track is exclusively streamed by Revolver magazine at this location
”No Chorus” is about breaking norms and conventions.  Whether it’s approaching music, song structures, life, culture or solving problems in new innovative ways. Articulating a point of view in relation to a particular situation in ways we had never thought of before. Most of all, it’s about encouraging people to foster the ability to look at things differently from the way we typically look at them,” explains mastermind/keyboardist Finn Zierler the inspiration behind the song.  
The track itself is written without a chorus.  The line, “I’m so sick of verse, bridge and chorus” expresses the sentiment at the core of it all.  Writing a song without a chorus and making it work as a song is hard.  Writing a song without a chorus and making it work so that the listener doesn’t notice is really hard! “No Chorus” seemed like a fitting title as the line, ‘this song has no chorus’ actually takes on the role of the chorus although the song lacks a traditional chorus. Music nerds won’t be disappointed.”
His first new album in a decade, ESC is Finn Zierler’s most mature as well as his most daring musical work to date.  Drawing from a wide array of influences that bring to mind everything from the unabashed pomp of classic Queen and the madness of Devin Townsend, to the virtuosity of Dream Theater and the eclectic stylings of Hollywood wizard Danny ElfmanZierler masterfully walk the fine line between genius and insanity, combining a powerful, multi-layered progressive metal foundation with an often dark, majestic orchestral feel. The result is an intricate musical tour-de-force that took the better part of two years to complete.
Joining Finn on ESC are Swedish guitarist Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa) – the first to come aboard – and Norwegian bassist/vocalist Truls Haugen (InsenseCircus Maximus) on the Scandinavian side. Finn also reached out across the pond to a pair of Texas standouts, drum veteran Bobby Jarzombek, whose stellar resume includes the likes of Fates WarningHalfordRiot, and Spastic Ink and vocal powerhouse Kelly Sundown Carpenter, who sang on Beyond Twilight’s 2005 album, ‘Section X,’ and was last seen with Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G‘s band, Firewind, as well as Darkology.
The album’s stellar mix comes courtesy of another Beyond Twilight alum and long-time friend, noted studio whiz Jacob Hansen, best known for his  affiliation with Danish superstars Volbeat as well as his work with Amaranthe and Destruction amongst others.  Last but not least, acclaimed London-based graphic artist Rob Sindermann has been tapped to create the stunning visuals for the ESC  album packaging which includes an elaborate 28-page deluxe booklet.
ESC track listing:
01. A New Beginning
02. Aggrezzor
03. Darkness Delight
04. Dark To The Bone
05. Evil Spirit
06. Married To The Cause
07. No Chorus
08. Rainheart
09. You Can’t Fix Me No More
10. Water
11. Whispers


Transatlantic progressive metal conglomerate ZIERLER have announced the long awaited release of their debut album,ESC, via U.S.-based Vanity Music Group.  Masterminded by Danish songwriter and keyboardist Finn Zierler (ex-BEYOND TWILIGHT), who has assembled some of the world’s most well respected metal musicians for his latest venture, ESC is set for an October 16 release worldwide.

His first new album in a decade, ESC is Finn’s most mature as well as his most daring musical work to date.  Drawing from a wide array of influences that bring to mind everything from the unabashed pomp of classic QUEEN and the madness of Devin Townsend, to the virtuosity of DREAM THEATER and the eclectic stylings of Hollywood’sDanny Elfman, ZIERLER masterfully walk the fine line between genius and insanity, combining a powerful, multi-layered progressive metal foundation with an often dark, majestic orchestral feel. The result is an intricate musical tour-de-force that took the better part of two years to complete.

“I set different goals for myself in making this new album. I wanted to accomplish doing an album that was 100% uncompromising in every way.  I wanted to break through new creative areas. And I wanted to show compositions, structures and techniques that no one has ever heard or seen before”, reflects Finn on the making of ESC.

“This is by far the most time consuming, complex and detail oriented album I’ve ever worked on.  I took the time necessary to record this beast out of respect for the players, the compositions, and the music itself.  I put a lot of emphasis on not taking the easy way out, not using technology to do edits to save time or whatever. The musicians involved are all so talented – there’s no cheating, no copy/paste anywhere.  Everything on the album is recorded as organically as possible. Personally, I’m sick of listening to “plastic” albums that sound more like machines than humans!”

Joining Finn on ESC are Swedish guitarist Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY, KAIPA), the first to come aboard, and Norwegian bassist/vocalist Truls Haugen (INTENSE, CIRCUS MAXIMUS) on the Scandinavian side. Finn also reached out across the pond to a pair of Texas standouts, drum veteran Bobby Jarzombek, whose stellar resume includes the likes of FATES WARNING, HALFORD, RIOT, and SPASTIC INK, and vocal powerhouseKelly Sundown Carpenter, who sang on BEYOND TWILIGHT’s 2005 album, ‘Section X’and was last seen with Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G’s band, FIREWIND, as well asDARKOLOGY.

The album’s stellar mix comes courtesy of another BEYOND TWILIGHT alum and long-time friend, noted studio whiz Jacob Hansen, best known for his  affiliation with Danish superstars VOLBEAT as well as his work with AMARANTHE and DESTRUCTION, amongst others.  Last but not least, acclaimed London-based graphic artist Rob Sindermann has been tapped to create the stunning visuals for the ”ESC”  album packaging which includes an elaborate deluxe booklet.

ESC track listing:

01. A New Beginning
02. Aggrezzor
03. Darkness Delight
04. Dark To The Bone
05. Evil Spirit
06. Married To The Cause
07. No Chorus
08. Rainheart
09. You Can’t Fix Me No More
10. Water
11. Whispers


Singer / songwriter John Taglieri has just issued his new Ep, True Believer – his first release of full on hard rock material since his debut full length album, ‘Leap Of Faith’ back in 2000.

The Ep brings Taglieri full circle around to his melodic rock roots, a route he’s resisted going back down since that first release at the beginning of the century. “I’ve always been the kind of writer who writes anything that comes to me and I love to explore new places,” tells Taglieri. “I never wanted to be known as a one trick pony… so to speak. I went where my musical journey wanted to take me and that had some varied styles in it. Along the way the hard rock element was always there, but this Ep brings it all the way back with a vengeance!!”

Recorded in his own Dawg Pound Studios just outside Boston, Taglieri himself played every instrument aside from the keyboards on “Above the Sunrise” (provided by Lee Turner of Darius Rucker fame) and the rhythm guitar parts on the title track, which his longtime friend and collaborator, John Calendrillo stepped in for. Local Massachusetts musician and good friend, Munk Duane, also lent his vocal talent to the backing vocal section of “Way Out.”

Launching all those years ago with that “leap of faith,” and after all he’s been through, it’s only fitting that his latest release be titled True Believer. The opening riff of first single “Don’t Ask Why” kicks off the Ep like a punch to the face and it never stops. Heavy, a bit dark, a bit angry…”Don’t Ask Why” is a song that you’ll want to repeat over and over louder and louder. The title track, “True Believer,” has been with John for over 20 years dating back to his former band Big Trouble. “The hook to the song has lived in my head all these years and I finally decided the time was right,” says Taglieri. “Way Out” is a mid-tempo masterpiece with a huge hook and a conversation we’ve all had at the end of a relationship at some point in our lives. “Take This Ride” and “Above the Sunrise” harken back to old school guitars, Hammond organs and in your face vocals. “Mad Mad World” closes out the Ep with attitude and aggression. “It’s a message about keeping on your toes before you get swallowed up in turmoil,” reflects the singer.

True Believer is out now via Leap Dog Music / Vanity Music Group and is available on all digital platforms as well as CD Baby and your local brick and mortar outlet.  The video for single, Don’t Ask Why” can be viewed here.


Veteran singer / songwriter John Taglieri’s new Ep, Days Like These has entered the Billboard Independent Album Chart at #112 in it’s first week of release, surrounded by artists such as Michael W. Smith, Hellyeah, Blackberry Smoke and Pop Evil “To say this is fantastic news is a massive understatement,” says Taglieri. “Days Like These actually came in higher than ‘Southern Paradise’ did and I was thrilled when that record charted! This is my first record to chart on it’s week of release and that’s a great feeling.”

Days Like These, John’s first straightforward melodic rock release in over a decade, benefits from several special guests and John’s residencies in Key West, FL. “I’m fortunate to have guests like Kenny Aronoff, Rich Redmond and Eric Ragno on this new record,” he states, “and the fact that I played down in Key West on the week of release certainly helped. Key West is a year round tourist attraction and I’m lucky to play there every other month all year long and while I do play to a lot of regulars, I also get in front of a lot of people passing through. Then they take my CD home and introduce me to their friends which is a HUGE help and really get the word out!”

Back home in Massachusetts, John has the following upcoming shows before returning to Key West in October:

9/6 – McGuiggans, Whitman, MA
9/12 – Turners Yard, Pembroke, MA
9/18 – Southside Tavern, Braintree, MA
9/19 – McGuiggans, Whitman, MA
9/25 – JP Ryans, Abington, MA
9/26 – Castleton State College, Castleton, VT
10/1-10/7 – US Naval Tour


Melodic rock artist John Taglieri was a guest this morning on the Key West, FL show Good Morning, Florida Keys, as part of the promotion for his Days Like These Ep, with host Jenna Stauffer.  Watch it here.


John Taglieri was an in studio guest at 107.1 on Key West, Fl this morning. Check out his unplugged performance of “Toasting The Man in the Moon” here


Young modern rock upstarts Red Tide Rising have been nominated in three categories for the 2014 Independent Music Awards in the Southwest region.

Nominations have come in the “Best Indie Album of the Year” (for The Rising), “Best Indie Song of the Year” (for “Shadows”) and the “Best Indie Rock / Blues Song” (for “The Otherside”) categories. Frontman, Matthew Whiteman says, “It’s an honor to be recognized by the independent music community after all the work we’ve put into the album.”

The criteria for nomination includes having product released in 2014 in the states of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico as well as a necessity that the album or song be either DIY or released through an independent record company. Winners are selected by an esteemed panel of judges as well as a popular vote (aka “The People’s Choice”). Voting begins 16 September 2014 and closes on 23 September 2014 with the ceremony held on 4 October 2014.


Young Denver modern rock act Red Tide Rising have released the first video from their new album, The Rising.  “The Otherside”was filmed and directed by Mel Haynes, Jr  and shot in a warehouse in Denver.  The video also features the debut of new bass player, Michael LeBois. The video can be viewed here.

Formed in 2007 when the band members were still just in junior high school, Red Tide Rising has since gone from strength to strength, releasing three albums and touring alongside the likes of in This Moment, Hatebreed and others.  The Rising, produced by Mike McAree (In This Moment) and Jeff Kanan (Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Randy Jackson, Staind, more), debuted on Billboard’s Heatseeker charts at #3.

Some Press On The Rising:

Red Tide Rising offers one of the few bright spots in the modern hard rock genre. If you’re into bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Chevelle and Godsmack, you’d do well to give The Rising a try.-  Justin Gaines / Hard Rock Haven

Where Red Tide Rising will be successful is if people dig on Matthew Whiteman’s vocals. He’s a singer, when a lot of other bands might do a little bit more screaming in his shoes. He’s almost got too good of a voice for rock music – Bob Zerull / Zoiks!

The band is super tight. I love the guitar sound. I particularly enjoyed the song “The Otherside” – “Wizard” / Bloody Good Horror


With his twelfth release, Days Like These, ready to drop in the next two weeks, pop / rock artist John Taglieri has launched a pre-sale for the Ep, along with free downloads, free swag, autographed CD’s and a chance to win a set of guitars.

Click over to John’s pre-order page to find the chance to not only pre-order a signed copy of the new record (delivered on or before 19 August) but to also grab the following: a link for a digital download of the Ep the same day you order, a link for an acoustic version of the Ep the same day you order and a John Taglieri t-shirt (specify size when ordering. Style will vary). Six random winners will get signed drum heads from John, Chad Cunningham and Alan Bowers and one Grand Prize Winner will get two Signed Guitars …an Epiphone electric and acoustic with the same finish. They will each have a verse and chorus from the track “Days Like These” on them,. When combined the whole song will be presented on the duo of guitars.

The cost of the Days Like These pre-sale is only US$15.00 and runs though 11:59 EST on 18 August 2014.


Tony Clark, lead vocalist ad guitarist with Tony Clark and Killing Time recently spent time discussing beer, music and more with DJ REM at Smash Radio.  Check it out here!


Cole Childers was a recent guest of Brian Lush on the Rockwired Radio and Magazine Show. You can listen to the interview here.


Denver metal merchants Red Tide Rising have added new bass player, Michael LaBois to their lineup after meeting with several potential applicants.  LaBois, a veteran of the Denver metal scene joins the band just in time to appear in their new video for “The Otherside” taken from the band’s recent The Rising album and says, LaBois says, “I think that Red Tide Rising is the right place for me right now. I enjoy the feeling of being on Stage with these three guys.  It’s been an instant bond.”

Guitarist, Andrew Whiteman, adds, “We are all super excited to have Michael join us in Red Tide! He is a passionate and skilled player that has already brought a lot of energy and excitement to the band. He is a great guy and we’ve had a blast with him in just the short time he has been with us!”

Red Tide Rising’s The Rising is currently in stores in North America now and they are currently building dates for late summer, including:

Aug 22 – Albuquerque, NM – Malarkey’s
Aug 23 – Dallas, TX – Curtain
Sept 5 – Denver, CO – Marquis (supporting Nothing More)


Leap Dog Music and Vanity Music Group are proud to announce that on the heels of his successful ‘Southern Paradise’ release, John Taglieri is set to release his new Ep, Days Like These on 19 August 2014. The date is also Taglieri’s birthday and the title track symbolizes what the Ep is all about.

“Coming off of how great ‘Southern Paradise’ did, having my first baby, hitting Billboard, & charting overseas, I just cannot believe how blessed and lucky I am with my career.” said Taglieri. “I have an amazing fan base and they just keep me going. And Days Like These is exactly what life is about for me right now.”

For his twelfth effort, Taglieri wanted to pull out all the stops and make music that truly represents who he is and where his career is right now. “15 years ago I released my first CD, ‘Leap Of Faith’ which is exactly what it was.”…says Taglieri. “To be here 15 years and 12 releases later and to be as blessed as I am in my career really shows what my ‘Days Like These’ is. I get to do what I love everyday and I can’t ask for more than that.” Enlisting the help of some friends – both old and new – John worked with several writers and a true A-List crew of musicians to craft six songs that reflect on life and all the amazing things that have happened in it for him as of late.

For the Days Like These release, Taglieri recruited Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Elton John, Bob Seger, etc), Alan Jax Bowers (Parrot Bay, Rachel Allyn) , Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean, Ludacris, Kelly Clarkson, etc), Lee Turner (Darius Rucker, Sara Evans, Big and Rich), Eric Ragno (Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley, Billy Gibbons, etc), Joe Gilder, Greg Juliano (Juliano Brothers), Chad Cunningham and Keith Lubrant (whose music you have heard on TV shows such as Real Housewives of Miami, Beavis and Butthead, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Young and the Restless and dozens more). “Its been SO cool to have my friends help me make this EP. Keith and I go back 15 years and started out together. Eric and I grew up together and its like life coming full circle. Its also amazing to me to be able to have some of my idols like Kenny Aronoff and Rich Redmond on this release. Its been very surreal to be working with them and really part of what my ‘Days Like These’ is about.”

Days Like These releases on 19 August and the Ep will be preceded by the release of the “Days Like These” single on 29 July.

Please check out the promo video at


Veteran pop/rock artist John Taglieri has released a five and a half minute long video sampler for his upcoming Ep, Days Like These, due 19 August 2014.

Comprised of six songs, the Ep features some very special guests (to be revealed soon) and brings Taglieri full circle to where he began his solo path as a musical artist.  “Days Like These is exactly what my life is about right now. Becoming a dad, finding a great balance in life, and being happier with my life and career than I’ve ever been.” said Taglieri. “Each song on this Ep is about life…the ups (“Days Like These”, “Here For The Taking”, “Beautiful Tonight”, “Finish Line”) and the downs (“Thin Air”, “Toasting The Man In The Moon”). Its about balance, which is key to everything in life. I think it’s a fun EP and I had the most amazing time making it.”

The video can be viewed here


Seattle based modern rock artist Cole Childers has released his debut Ep, Aurora, via Vanity Digital Music and it can now be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and other digital download sites. Aurora can also be streamed at Spotify and similar services.

Childers entered the United States Navy in 2000 and his experiences in the armed forces added to the mix of Cole’s creative genius, bringing to life a brand of music that’s dark, fleeting and emotional.  Upon returning from a six month deployment in 2006 he formed the band Chasing Corona, releasing the critically acclaimed album, ‘Black Eye and Candlelight’ and opening dates for the likes of Motley Crue, Joan Jett and others.

Aurora kicks off with the hard hitting modern rock track, “Save Me,” (“about someone who has been there for everyone around them, but the entire time they were the ones that needed help,” says Childers),and then slams right into the first single “Fall With Me,” the video of which is shot from a soldier’s point of view.  “This video was very important to me,” relates Cole.  “So many people read military death tolls in the paper and have a standard reaction without true feeling behind it.  We did this video in order to cut to the core of the viewer so they may understand the true sacrifice that military and their families make everyday.”  The Linkin Park infused “Addict” follows. The song doesn’t necessarily reference drug addiction, rather anything that controls someone physically and mentally in a negative fashion.  “Being high without a drug is referring to finding true happiness and overcoming the crutch,” says the singer / guitarist. The breakneck juggernaut of “Run Away,” then crashes through and “could be the most meaningful song to me,” says Cole. “It signifies the father – daughter relationship in a broken marriage.  Giving assurance to the child that I will be your rock and can always be counted on,”  Featuring a hook as wide as the Pacific Ocean, “Impossible,” touches on the struggle of trying to break through to your significant other during the dying phase of your relationship. The Ep’s title track, “Aurora” finishes off the record with a more acoustic oriented approach than the rest of the songs on offer and tells a story of a girl cheating on her boyfriend. While she’s torn apart by guilt and not knowing what lies down the road, he just moves on with life, having few cares in the world … sort of an about face on life.

Leaving the military has allowed Cole to take a different perspective on life and has given him more flexibility to grow as a musician.  He sums it all up: “I was able to move back to where it all began, with new purpose and clear direction.


on iTunes:

on Spotify:


AD and Ryan are sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City dishing out another episode of LIFERS. This time they talk about their first bands, how they got it together, and the inevitable first gig. Hilarity ensues as these two lifetime musicians recount the first few pivotal steps. Listen in here