Anthony White – Lead vocals, lead guitars
Sandy Stein – Guitars, vocals
Jonathon Swanson – Bass, vocals
Ken Koudelka – Drums, percussion

Bands start out with the same goal in mind – to go all the way. But 95 percent of them fall far short of that lofty goal. Whether it’s lack of talent, motivation, chemistry or a combination of the three, face it, most bands just don’t have the goods.

Las Vegas native Anthony White took the band Generation Landslide, initially formed in Phoenix in the early 2000s and carried the name and idea around with him for close to two decades. Named after the classic Alice Cooper song, the band Generation Landslide obviously had to have the extra bit of charisma and over-the-top showmanship to set themselves apart from the crowd. “Year after year and from one band to another, I always felt like I was at the mercy of other people’s ideas,” White reflects. “So, for a long time I kept thinking that one day I would be able to have a band and play the kind of music I heard in my head. As time went on, I knew who the right people were, it was just a matter of making sure they were available and also that they believed in the material I was writing.”

In 2019, White decided to contact longtime friend – and one time Generation Landslide member – drummer, Ken Koudelka to go into the studio to start putting his ideas together for what would become Generation Landslide’s debut album Ruling the Street Scene. Producing the record himself as well as writing all of the songs, White finally felt like he had just the right material to make the record he had always in visioned. In 2021 while in the middle of a worldwide pandemic he reached out to another longtime friend and previous band member Jonathon Swanson (bass) who jumped back onboard immediately. The final piece came when White came across guitarist, Sandy Stein, who was referred by several mutual Las Vegas friends. Anthony now had all the elements that he was looking for to complete the lineup.

The quartet’s debut album, Ruling the Street Scene is a whirlwind of 80s and early 90s influenced melodic rock, complete with ocean wide hooks, sing-a-long choruses and a “feel good” vibe that continues throughout the entire album.  Kicking off with the ferocious “Little Miss Lonely” White and company make it clear what they’re all about from the opening riff. “The whole idea was to try and bring back all the elements of listening to an album from front to back that took you on some sort of a musical panache. I think it’s a combination of catchy riffs, catchy songs with a bit of a modern feel mixed in.” The album’s first single, “Feel the Sensation” is gang vocal heavy and tells the story of finishing your day job and feeling the anticipation of going wild from seeing your favorite band in concert that night from a spiritual way “Love and Pain” …comes from the ups and downs in every relationship and the emptiness of being alone and “Are You Out There?” is a tribute to the late Thin Lizzy bassist Phil Lynott. “I always felt he was an unsung tragedy,” says White.

Sometimes it takes a while to weed out those that aren’t in line with your train of thought … Generation Landslide is proof that patience is indeed a virtue.